For what it’s worth…

Okay, I had a memory-flash while loading the dishwasher. I’ve been having a reaccurring dream about another murder in the Sherbrooke area circa the 70s. A body is found in, it is always the same location (lots of snow in a field, like somewhere West of Sherbrooke)… it goes unsolved.

I would take this with a pound of salt except…

1. Dreams and visions steared me pretty correctly when I looked at my sister’s death.

2. A woman contacted me a while back from the Eastern Townships saying she recalled an unsolved murder in L’Estrie from the 80s.

3. Two years ago I had a reading with a famous psychic (not John Edward, but close). She said there were “more bodies”. – do I believe in this stuff? I’m 50/50.

What a field day for the heat


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