And don’t forget to wipe your feet…

I’ve been exchanging emails with Doreen Drummond, mother of the late-great Kelly-Anne Drummond.

We were complaining about media etiquette. For instance, why is it when television journalists come to visit you they feel the need to rearrange the furniture? You’ve lost your loved one, your life has been changed for ever, things have been thrown into complete chaos… so what do they do? Come into your home (you home) and create more disorder.

One journalist kept referring to my sister as “Terry”:

Yes, her friends called Terry, but I don’t believe you’ve been properly introduced…

Then there was the one who kept confusing me with my brother.

Yes, nit-picky, I know… but it’s the little things, people, it’s the little things.

Holly D. – herself no stranger to media attention – has suggested that we should come up with a guidebook on media behavior and victims. We could advise victims on what to do, and give some suggestions to journalists on how to make the experience a whole lot more palatable.

Do you think the media would listen?


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