More Fun With IVAC

(We fight like this all through the picture… and, Yes, I did break my New Year’s resolution)

M. Beaulieu:

You don’t have to accept my language, I’ve already used it.

And that is no answer to my question.

What could possibly be holding up a response to my claim? You told me in December it would not be long, well this is long.

Speak plain English (or French if that is your preference): When will I have my answer? Does your lack of response have something to do with Theresa’s case not being solved? Is so, then say so.

Speak honestly. Don’t lie, don’t hide, don’t evade. That is what you owe victims. You do not like the lack of respect I have shown to you? That’s fine, because you have shown me no respect; you have not had the courtesy to answer a plain question.

Do you really think I feel threatened that you have informed an IVAC lawyer? I could care less. Do you think because I used disrespectful language that that gives you the right to deny answers to the “clients” (your word) you serve?

Answer my question: When will I have a response to my claim?

John Allore

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Feb 10, 2005 1:51 PM
Subject: Your last e-mail


I dot not and will never accept from anybody such language. It serves no useful purpose in our communications.

The lawyer in chief at this place has been fully informed about your last e-mail.

André Beaulieu, lawyer.


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