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M. Ranger:

Please excuse the tenor of my language below, but your agency has pushed me to this level of frustration. In October of 2004 we spoke at the Plaidoyer conference in Montreal and you assured me you would look into the matter of my claim for the death of my sister, Theresa Allore.

M. Beaulieu’s justification below, that, “The Commission’s investigator gave [him] explanations about the delay and [he is] satisfied with his answers” is an insult. How dare he hold me up without providing me with the explanations and the answers. How dare you treat the knowlwedge of my sister’s death like some guarded secret that only you can observe.

I have waited 25 plus 1 year. I do not think it too much to ask that this matter be settled now. I – and many other Quebec citizens – are tired of being toyed with by IVAC, we are tired of being treated like 2nd class citizens.

I would like an answer by the first of next week – yes or no – are you going to honor my claim.

I expect you to take care of this situation immediately,

John Allore

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Subject: Re: Your e-mail

Mr. Beaulieu:

I need to know the state of my case. This is taking entirely too long. It has been over a year now and I have had no response on my claim. Even you must admit that this is absurd.

You must know by now that I only did this to call-out the utter futility of IVAC. You are an ineffectual agency that must be reformed.

The more you stall, the more I will publicly expose you.

It is in your best interest to respond now. On March 12th, my sister’s case will be profiled in an hour long program on CTV’s W-FIVE. After that program airs I will be bombarded with requests from the press. The only thing I will talk about is my frustration with IVAC and the lack of response I personally received from you.

You created this situation, not me.

John Allore

PS: you wonder why victims are such a pain-in-the-ass? I think I am justified in telling you to go fuck yourself.

26 years we wait, and no justice: Fuck you, IVAC.

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Sent: Jan 13, 2005 2:35 PM


Subject: Your e-mail

Sir,I am sorry for the unexpected delays. I have not yet received the answers to the precise questions. The Commission’s investigator gave me explanations about thedelay and I am satisfied with his answers. It will allow me to make a decisionwith complete evidence.

Yours truly

André Beaulieu, lawyer


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