Key and Dalzell Parties, you should read this

Contents of the message sent to my blog post on Quebec beer strike:

I’m not sure if you’re still writing anymore about the Andrew Dalzell case with Key, but I just resently, actually only last night, found out that he was a murderer, or is on trial for it. I was shocked. I knew him very well, or thought I did. I’m not certain of anything anymore. I was just speechless. I have found out ever since I stopped talking to him months and months ago, about a year ago, that he’s a compulsive liar, a huge jerk, and a few other things that I don’t think I sound even type up on a site but you get the idea. After being completely shocked at these stories and other articles I’ve read over the past day/ rest of last night, I doubt if it was the Andrew I know/knew. But after your description of the house, the drawings, the medieval weaponary, I’m almost positive it’s the one I know. …Andrew Douglas Dalzell.

It seems like almost everything he’s ever told me was a lie, but I never in my wildest imagination thought he was a murderer. I slept with my pocket knife under my pillow last night and it took my hours to finally go to sleep and not wake up every ten minutes. It’s scaring… knowing a guy who could kill someone. Just reading your posts and the description of the house, it shocks me. He never came off as someone to do something like this, but I guess I was wrong. Then again, it’s hard to be certain about everyone all the time. I’m just thankful I never met with him like I wanted to for so long.

After typing this all up and probably getting anyone who’s reading this some more excitement, “wow, someone who knows the actual murderer… tell me more.” I’d like to stop and tell everyone and anyone who is reading this that right now, I am only 15 years old, and I have never met Andrew Dalzell face to face. To me, he was known as Daz, a nickname, and I’ve only met him through Yahoo Messenger. I was ‘with him’/dating in a sense…I won’t go into details and humiliate myself even more by showing how stupid I was to even believe I word he said, but I’ll just say I thought things were serious with him. He was 27 when we were ‘together’. I had just turned 14 when I met him. He seemed like a nice guy… This online world is so uncertain at times. I’ve talked to his ‘wife’ or so she claims to be. I doubt it was even her. It was probably just him pretending to be anyone who would actually love him. But then again, my friend had seen her in a chatroom just yesterday (2/6/05) and had talked to her about him. Either she was lieing too or there were just more things that he lied about to me…and that she lied about to me.

This is all just so confusing. But either way, someone was on her screen name, and the only people it could be are Andrew himself, (I’m not positive how far in the case things are, if he’s in jail right now or anything), or it was really her, the pitiful fool…still listening to his lies. Whichever is the truth, I don’t know, but I’ve talked to him for months, many many many months, and I was blind to everything. I just hope right now that he’s found guilty and rots in jail for the rest of his sorry life. Thank you for your time and the information on this site. I’m sorry about your sister and Miss Key. May they rest in peace and be happy where ever they are now.

.::.~*The Lone Heartache*~.::.


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