Little Things… about me, about her

In my friend Patricia Pearson’s 2002 article about the murder of Theresa, a lot was made of a ticket that was found in her abandoned wallet for a theatrical production of Crime & Punishment.

For those of you who are Who Killed Theresa junkies (we are a limited lot, consisting of family members, Quebec police officers and rubber-neckers) that clue turned out to be a dead end. Shortly after the piece was published, a former student came forward to state that, yes indeed, Theresa did attended a school sponsored production of Crime & Punishment at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal

Theresa loved performance. She studied ballet, and I believe, had she been afforded the opportunity, she would have been a great actress.

Many of my experiences with Theresa are blurred. For instance, I can remember trips to the mall or vacations, but these events are not person-specific – I remember the family together as a group, but I cannot recall the individual influence each of us had on one another. But I do remember that Theresa was responsible for introducing me to plays.

In 1976 Theresa accompanied me to a high school production of Teahouse of the August Moon (Teahouse of thickest Moon???). This is one experience with Theresa that I remember vividly. I was in grade 7. My dad drove us to the show at St Thomas High School. We rode in the backside of the car. We both thought the show was incredible (hey, what did we know?). Dad picked us up after the production. On the way home we sat in the back of the car. Burton Cummings was singing My Own Way To Rock on the radio (sorry for that).

Why is this important to me? Because my sister is responsible for my now 30 year relationship with theater. For 15 years I was an actor (I gave it up, there’s no money there). Nevertheless, to this day I maintain a small connection. I am Managing Director of a company here in North Carolina. (it’s a modest endeavor; we do four shows a year.) Once a year I indulge myself and act in a production.

Why do I bring this up? Because currently I am rehearsing for a production of Eugene O’Neill’s Moon for the Misbegotten in which I play Jamie Tyrone; so please don’t overly misinterpret my withdrawal with just depression. The fact is, I’m busy learning lines; and if Theresa EVER found out I had given up theater because I was too busy making blog postings, she’d kick my ass.


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