Therapy’s looking pretty good now

An intense week that started when I received this:


January 7, 2005

Mr. Allore,

Last night I was explaining to my step son what the new movie White Noise is about..I got a flash back to my younger years. I kept remembering this picture that I had seen as a young girl and I suddenly got a flash that this could be related to the girl that was murdered in Lennoxville. Somehow I saw the picture and kept seeing the Champlain / Bishop’s Campus and the green bridge that comes into Lennoxville from the campu. I generally don’t put a lot of faith into psychic mumbo jumbo but this feeling was overwhelming in itself. I cannot explain it. I just knew that I had to look into this further to determine if there was anything out there to explore when I remembered about the murder of the student attending the campus in Lennoxville.

I remember playing in a neighbors basement in Sawyerville when I came across a box of pictures of a vary scary nature. they were pictures of a girl in bondage, she was tied to a chair and you could tell that she had been abused from what I can remember of one particular picture. She was bent over in the chair and her arms and legs were bound to that chair. Her clothing was in disarray and you could tell that she has been sexually abused because there were 2 guys in that picture from what I can remember I think that one of them was naked but I am not sure, it is mostly memories of her that I have, she was in her bra and panties. The look on her face was one of fear and disgust. From what I recall that was roughly about a year or so after your sister had gone missing. I remember that I was around maybe 11 or 12 years old at the time. That picture has stayed in my memory since then. Somehow my explanation of the movie White Noise brought those memories together with Lennoxville and I got the urge to do a search on the web. I can still remember putting the pictures back in the box because they made me scared and I remember that there was more than one picture.

Still today I can see myself holding that particular picture in the basement of the house because it caught my attention and you could tell that there was great suffering in that picture. The girl in those pictures has an uncanny resemblance to the pictures of your sister that I have seen on your web site. I would say that I am 80% sure that it was her in those pictures. However the two men I do not know.

I do not wish to upset you or give you false hope but I think this may be worth looking into. I live in Lennoxville now and at the time I was raised in Sawyerville which is not very far form either Compton or Lennoxville. I certainly understand your need for resolution and I certainly respect you for not giving up hope of solving this crime. I for one do not feel comfortable knowing that I may have spent my life around someone who could have committed this type of act. I can remember reading about your story a few years back in the Record and I never connected the picture with the story at that time. So why now?????? Like I said it is the overwhelming feeling that the two go together.

Being a conservative person I would ask you to not divulge my name to anyone other than Jimmy Potvin of the Surete du Quebec. He is someone that I know and trust. I am willing to talk with him at any time and he can contact me. I hope that this information will help you. Please know that some people here in the townships understand where you are coming from and why you want this resolved. I feel ashamed that no one from Champlain has stepped forward to help you. So I hope that maybe this letter will shed some light on what happened if not to your sister then maybe it can resolve someone else’s suffering.

I am not doing this to gain anything. I certainly do not want any media attention. My soul purpose is to find out why I am linking these 2 items together and why the feeling is so overwhelming. I do not know you and you do not know me so I hope that I can trust you with this information because no one and I repeat no one knows about what I have just told you. I have many details that go along with this information. Lets hope that this can help in some way.



Isn’t that a little slice of heaven?

So I write her back:

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for you email. With all respect, Jimmy Potvin is only a P.R. person with the Quebec police, so I am fowarding this to Theresa’s investigator in Montreal. He will contact you and look into the matter.

Then I sent the whole mess to my brother, and we begin to banter it back and forth (here is our fucked-up life):

—–Original Message—–

From: John Allore

Sent: January 7, 2005 6:34 PM

To: andre

Don’t you get overly upset by this kind of shit, ok? It’s most probably nothing, but I would feel I was not being responsible if I didn’t share it with you.

—–Original Message—–

From: Andre

Sent: Jan 11, 2005 11:28 AM

To: ‘John Allore’

Subject: RE: letter

Yech! People (in the Eastern Townships) with a lot of time on their hand, sifting through web pages probably do a lot of this kind of thing. That is, relate someone else’s story to their own.

I could spend a lot of time reading this email over and over again to see if their is a connection that seems REAL, but then again I could not.

None-the-less I will print it out and read it over at night before I fall asleep and then have bad nightmares.

Initial thoughts; She’s a woman. Does that make her trustworthy? (then again there’s that Karla Homolka person)

She knows Jimmy Potvin at the SQ. Hmmm? (then again… so what. This is kinda link saying I know this guy named Guy in Montreal, so you know him?)

What am I trying to say? The world is a sick place!

How much of this stuff do you actually get?


—–Original Message—–

From: John Allore

Sent: January 11, 2005 11:31 AM

To: Andre

Subject: RE: letter

Ya, I know… I’ve kinda had it with all this… At this point I’d rather help other people in some concrete way then dwell on this shit.

I probably get about one of these a month.

—–Original Message—–

From: Andre

Sent: Jan 11, 2005 11:49 AM T

o: ‘John Allore’

Subject: RE: letter

what if it’s true?

—–Original Message—–

From: John Allore [

Sent: January 11, 2005 12:01 PM

To: Andre

If it’s true I trust Benoit to look into it and determine if it has any merit.



Then in the midst of this we get this email from our father:

Shortly after Theresa’s funeral in May, 1979, we received a large hand made card addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Allore, Andre and John.

It is 7″ X 11″ containing several photos of Theresa and her friends, in an eight page album.

In the centre page was a hand written poem signed by her friends. It was scribed in India ink by Andre Vonn one of her friends.

I have typed it up in the enclosed attachment and it looks pretty much the same as it appears on the card.

It may help to understand Theresa’s characteristics and the how she was regarded by her friends.


May 1979

I Remember a Friend As all do at this time, I remember and relive the past.

I remember a concert and a girl cheering louder than anyone for a man named Bowie.

I remember a box of carnations bought by a girl for the people she worked with, in case they forgot what Valentine’s day meant.

I also remember a mystery case involving the eyes of a certain “Minky”.

Oh I have many memories of this girl. Some make me smile and some make me laugh. But none ever make me sad, because I remember a girl with enthusiasm and a zest for life no one could equal. She lived only today, and tomorrow only came as a new adventure.

I remember a friend, Theresa.

Some say death is the end and grieve. Some say it is the beginning and rejoice. But death isn’t either. It is the end of the body our eyes knew. But when you truly live, you give a little of yourself to those you touch.

It may only be a fleeting moment of a conversation to some. To others, friends, a certain tilt of the head, a thought, a gesture, a tone of voice, a phrase remains. All of us retain a little something. So there is only a continuation of one’s self.

So look at one another, really look, and listen. And if you reach out you’ll see.

She’s there. She always will be.

Signed :

Debbie Ferdinand

Susanne Juneau “Sue”

Andre Vonn

Lisanne Grady “Shady”

Paula Bennet

Haidy Muller & Shelley Wilson

Kenneth Campeau

Barbara Roll

Brian Phillips

Karin Grell

Cathy Braschuk alias “Chuck”


Which leads to this final email from my brother:

The emotional swing between this email and yours of yesterday is really too much to handle. I need to go for a walk and then go home early.


Amen… Let’s go home

(and, no, I can’t remember what the “Minky” referred to)


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