My post to Forest Covington:

Hey Forest,

I find this all so upsetting. I guess I wanted so much for the police to win this one. You know, the way Lau described what happened is not what the documents support. Lau assured me Miranda had been read before any confession, he assured me this was “by the book”. You want to believe so badly, it is such a slap in the face to learn that (much as you feared) local police aren’t that savvy and experienced (shit, I know to read Miranda and I’m not an officer?)

Anyway, I hear that is going to make a posting about this tomorrow, and as Debbie’s friend I feel you should respond. Also, has talked about it.

Both these blog posts bug me. Yes, “legally” this is a very interesting issue, but everyone is ignoring the human element that a murderer (someone we both agree will most likely kill again) is about to be released into the community. What does that say for Chapel Hill? – that the community produced him, and that he is about to join us again. But all anyone can do is applaud the good work the defense did in saving the constitution?

What happens in court is not an accurate reflection of how society operates. The law is left in tact, but society is left to pick up the pieces. How depressing.


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