For the moment, let’s turn back to affairs in Canada (I’m a little nauseated with North Carolina right now)

Cathy Caretta was murdered in Montreal in 1998. Cathy’s father, Christian Caretta is one of the founding fathers of Quebec’s Association des familles de personnes Assassinees ou Disparues (AFPAD – that’s him in the front in the photo). Recently Cathy’s older sister, Christine wrote to me to thank me for the work I had done along with Pierre Boisvenu. I asked her why there was no information about Cathy on the internet (Google it, you’ll come up empty). Christine then wrote me the story of the murder of her sister which – with her permission- I have posted here (she addresses why there is so little information about Cathy’s murder.):

My parents immigrated here in Montréal when I was two years old. I was a single child for many years until my baby sister came a long. Cathy and I were ten years apart.

She was my baby! When my parents got divorced we were inseparable. I raised my sister and that is maybe the reason why we needed each other so much. I took

care of her the same way I take care of my children. Cathy meant the world to me and she knew it. I would have done anything for her and I would do anything to have her back. It is very difficult for me to type all this mainly because I have closed myself up for so many years. The pain is devastating….

In the summer of 1997, one of my cousins was getting married in France and we were all invited. It was impossible for me to travel, so I told my dad to go with my sister. He was not too thrilled about the idea because he had his business to take care of. I told him it was maybe the last trip he would ever do with his daughter

mainly because she was old enough to travel on her own or with her friends. So I bought the tickets.

They had a great trip. My sister came back madly in love with a French man. This man was Jean-Paul Gerbet, he is my cousin’s cousin. I still remember him from when we were young. We use to play together when I would go to France, we were the same age. He wanted Cathy to move to France but she would of never left us so she asked him to come to Montreal. He came once on vacation at the end of August and then came back at the beginning of winter. He did not have much money so my dad paid his plane ticket. Cathy was so happy! He had a sister living here so he lived with her. My dad gave him an old car. It was ok. He was indirectly related to us.

Soon after his arrival things were not that great any more. My sister was not the same and I knew there was something wrong. She did not talk much cause she

felt ashamed and responsible for making him come here. He would drink , be abusive verbally, he did not want her to have any more contacts with her family… she left him and he gave her back the key of my father’s house, but he had made a double without her knowing.

On the morning of February 10, 1998 I was on the phone with my sister when he opened the door of the house with the double of the key. I knew what was going to happen mainly because of hints he would tell me regularly when he would call my house in a rage because Cathy did not want to know anything about him anymore. That morning he had shaved his head and kept his hair in a bag. In an other bag he had tape, rope, an exacto knife and more. In the trunk of his car a plastic shower curtain was found. (THE JUDGE DISREGARDED THIS EVIDENCE AND RULED NO PREMEDITATION )

Cathy had just gotten up, she was in her home, in her pajamas speaking with me on the phone. She was very upset and angry because he was in the house. I made the terrible mistake of calling my dad instead of the police. My sister’s body was found that afternoon in our chalet up north. He had transported her body in the trunk of his car. (I will skip the details……)

Jean- Paul Gerbet is now in a federal prison near my house and very close to my sister’s grave unfortunately. We went to trial for almost two years . I was the main witness and God was it ever difficult. I was being hit by the two defense lawyers paid by our government during the trial. During the preliminary hearing I had also been hit by Maitre Sophie Bourque one of the best private criminal lawyers in the province.

Who was there to prepare me to what I had to go through? Who was there to give me advice? Who was there to defend me? Where was the shoulder or the compassion I needed in moments of total despair? What were my rights? Who was going to pay my expenses such as: medication, baby- sitters, private psychologists …… I even had to stop working because the trial was too far away in Joliette.

Jean-Paul Gerbet was convicted with second degree murder, eligible for parole after 10 years. The jury asked for a parole eligibility after 20 years and the judge refused it! The crown wanted 15 years.

Where is the justice? How can we trush the system?

– February 2005 he will be eligible for a semi- liberty

– February 2008 he will be eligible for parole.

What worries me now is the fact that I know for a fact that he was planning on asking for a Canadian citizenship. When I called Immigration Canada at the time they

did not know if there was a possibility for him to obtain it.

I am also worried about my own safety . What safety measures are in place by the government to assure my protection once he is out. Must I live in fear? Don’t

forget I was a witness…. What he did out of vengeance to Cathy he can do to me….A narcissistic person such as he was described to be in court needs to win and have the final word.

You know John, I am a high school teacher and an orthopédagogue. I am specialized in students comportamental problems. I knew where Jean-Paul was heading for all along, but no one believed me….

There is nothing on the net about Cathy. I never worked on it. I had no more energy left. Maybe one day in a near future will we all get together and create a site on the net for all our lost ones….

I don’t think I will ever live past it. The person I was will never be . But the half of me which still lives is slowly taking over again…. thanks to all of you.

Christine’s death is a terrible affair, but after reading this I hope someone may help. I ask, how is it possible that a convicted murderer may be eligible to become a citizen in this country? Is there not a way to notify Canadian Immigration and prevent this from happening? I welcome all comments and suggestions.


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