Deborah Key

I have for you today two perspectives on the arrest of Andrew Dalzell for the 1997 murder of Deborah Key.

First, on Monday, January 10th Orange County Superior Court Judge Wade Barber will continue the hearing into whether officers used inappropriate deceit to obtain a confession from Andrew Dalzell. Susan Key – the sister of Deborah – has asked that folks come out to the courthouse in Hillsborough on Monday to show support for the victim and her family.

And an interesting post by Ian Knox over at his website, Knox was a high school buddy of Andrew Dalzell’s and describes his experience over Christmas visiting Dalzell in jail. Knox wrote to me,

“…it seems your experience with your sister has in some ways been pretty similar to mine with Andrew even though we’re on opposite ends of the spectrum so to speak.”

Completely. By that he means, I want to know who killed my sister, and Ian wants to know if his former friend could really be a murderer.

Many people get effected with a crime of this magnitude.


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