My good friend Steve Sullivan over at the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (CRCVC) asked that I post this notice.

This sounds very interesting. They are doing a study of services provided to victims of unsolved crimes, and looking for volunteers to participate. If you are a victim of unsolved crime I hope you will get involved.


Developing a strategy to provide services and support victims of unsolved serious crimes

The CRCVC is undertaking a research paper examining the needs of crime victims in cases of serious unsolved crimes. These victims often find themselves in particularly difficult circumstances given that their case is not necessarily ongoing.

In order to learn more about the experience of victims in cases of serious unsolved crime, we are hoping to speak with families in cases of unsolved homicides or long time missing persons cases. We would also like to contact police investigators and victim services personnel who may have information or experience dealing with unsolved cases and victims in these unique circumstances.

Please contact the CRCVC if you would like to be involved. We are preparing a questionnaire for the project and will be distributing soon.

Please call or email for further information:

1-877-232-2610 or


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