Thanks for the “so-called” Christmas presents this year, Santa. Robo-Sapien.. that’s so-like… 2004. And a lame-ass X-box; are you kiddin’? And Star Wars Legos… I’ve had it up to HERE with Star Wars Legos!

I never get what I really ask for. Why didn’t you bring me a Morpheus ESP 3-D Motion Simulator? It’s a FAO Schwarz exclusive! Dad says, no wonder they went bankrupt, but he’s an idiot anyway.

The Morpheus ESP 3-D Motion Simulator – Priced so you can never afford it

OK, so it costs-like $300,000. So refinance Santa’s workshop, sell Vixen into the sex trade, anything, but I’m worth it!

Next year you better cough up the goods, or I am seriously going to stop believing in you.


Lionel James Proudfoot III

Danbury, CT

Age 6 1/2


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