Here’s a cheery little holiday comment.

Hi John,

I found your blog via a search for information on Andrew Dalzell/Deborah Key.

I was good friends with Andrew’s dad Mike,(Andrew was adopted), until Mike succumbed to Cancer. I met Andrew when he was about 10. When Mike was alive, I was even at the house, believe me, it did’t look like what you describe then.

I was also friendly with Deborah, after she disappeared, I even contacted the Chapel Hill Police Dept.(guess I should of gone to Carrboro, huh), I was positive then that Andrew had killed her, and I am positive now.

I even confronted Andrew, of course he denied involvement. But I was reminded of an earlier conversation that we had. He was saying that if he killed someone, they would never find the body, because he would put it in a pond on the Greensboro Highway.

One of my friends is a C.H. cop, and her husband is a cop in Carrboro. I am in the process of trying to get ahold of them, but what with the Holidays and all, it is tough.

Thanks for all,



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