More Conference Thank Yous

I wasn’t able to express my thanks to many of you since I had to leave the conference early and fly back to Ontario.I wanted to let everyone know how much I enjoyed working with you, learning from you, your skills and expertise and connections in the field of victims of crime.

The entire conference was excellent – however I was particularly struck by the first morning, as we all were I’m sure. I was amazed at the Minister of Manitoba, his commitment, his passion and the action he’s taken. I’m very proud to be from Winnipeg and sadly must say, had some regret about leaving for Ontario seven years ago-however, once a Prairie girl, always a Prairie girl.

I have to say I was moved to tears many times and continue to be as I remember the many stories of individuals who had lost family members to murder/ sexual assault and murder. My heart went out to all of them and to the many of you on this committee/board who have lost loved ones in such a devastating way. I’m so grateful for you sharing your stories and for your courage, bravery and action to assist and lobby for change.I ‘m so very saddened that loss of this kind almost seemed the” norm’ if you know what I mean, at such a conference.

This area, the justice system and politics are new to me-my experience rests in being a clinician in the addiction/trauma/grief and loss field-both abuse by others and abuse of self in many ways. My passion is working with caregivers/victim caregivers who work so hard in their missions, as many of you. My eyes were ever so opened by the content of the conference. If there is anything I would add to a conference like this, is more for the caregivers./wounded healers.

I want to say a special thank you to John Allore for sharing his very difficult journey at one of the breakout sessions and to Shelley of Manitoba for entrusting us with her story as we were stuffing folders prior to the conference. Also I want to say a very special thank you to Priscilla for so courageously taking us through the events that happened the day her beautiful daughter went missing and what that was like for her as a parent and how the media could assist and yet bring more pain. A thank you too for Pierre and his wife for their activism after their recent devastating loss.

I will continue to hold all of you and the folks I met at the conference in my thoughts and my heart. Although I was deeply saddened by these tragedies, I was equally enriched and left hopeful by all the amazing effort for change..

I wish all of you a peaceful holiday season after all the hard work and a New Year filled with possibilities. I’m so happy for email-it’s hard to verbalize such deep felt emotions and put them into words .


Hildie Rempel Jacyk


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