Student Missing

The Touchstone

November 16, 1978

The Touchstone was a student newspaper. After the initial article in The Record on November 13th, professional English publications never mentioned the case again until five months later when her body was found.

Champlain student Theresa Allore has been missing since last Nov. 3. She was last seen at Dewhurst Dining Hall at approximately 6:00 pm. The first year student is described as being approximately 5’6″ tall and weighing 115 pounds, with red frizzy hair and blue eyes.

FTR: Theresa’s hair was a recent perm and a die-job

She was last reported to be wearing a T-shirt and blue cords and was distinguished by a long beige sweater and black chinese sandals. Any information concerning the nineteen-year-old’s disappearance should be reported to Bill Matson, campus principal of Champlain College. The College is working on an intensive search in conjunction with the Lennoxville Police.

Curious that they are told to report to Bill Matson instead of the police – though this could be a natural thing. FYI: Matson came from the U.S. Army where he worked in Army Intelligence. His motto was “I know when to keep my eyes wide and my mouth shut. Matson was master of information and wanted to keep everything he learned close to the chest, especially in the matter of a missing student, lest blame fall on the college. Also note: the “intensive search” was a sham. When my brother suggested to Matson that a search should be undertaken, Matson’s response was – and I quote – “I’m not going to turn this campus upside down for some goddam kid”.

Police had no comment on the disappearance of the Compton resident but urge anyone who has seen or heard anything to bring it immediately to the attention of Matson as all information is vital.

I strongly doubt the police wanted information filtered through the school officials.


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