Hello? hello?… is this thing on?

I’ll let the cat-out-of-the-bag… W-Five is visiting me today and tomorrow in North Carolina. W-Five is like “20-20” for Canadians. They are doing an hour-long show on Theresa’s murder; today I get to walk around as they film me going about my business – See? this guy’s normal; he’s not the crackpot we all thought he was.

Tomorrow I sit down for an extended interview with Sandy Rinaldo (that’s the Diane Sawyer of Canada). They’ve already talked with my brother and later this week their interviewing my folks in Saint John, New Brunswick (a first – my parents have been silent about all of this for 25 years).

I think it will air sometime in January, 2005 – but you never know with these tv people.

I have to go get ready for my close-up.


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