Accused testifies woman’s death accidental

Oct 20 2004 12:30 PM EDT


SHERBROOKE – The man accused of killing a 27-year old woman from Sherbrooke told a jury Tuesday that Julie Boisvenu’s death was an accident.

Hugo Bernier, who testified in his own defence, said after he met the victim at a local bar they drove to a wooded area where they had consensual sexual relations in Boisvenu’s car.

It went wrong, the 29-year old said, when his arm slipped and ended up across the victim’s throat. Panicked, he told the jury he left Boisvenu’s lifeless body in a wooded area before abandoning her car in Sherbrooke.

Police believe Boisvenu was killed in the early hours of June 22, 2002.

Bernier rejected accusations from the Crown that he is responsible for throwing the victim’s clothes into a nearby ditch.

After leaving the woman, Bernier said he went home, changed his clothes and drove to his brother’s house in Montreal.

Questioning continued Wednesday with Bernier’s brother, Lucas Bernier.

The Crown believes he made false statements during the preliminary hearing when he told police he did not know about his brother’s actions. It is trying to prove Hugo told his brother he made a mistake the night of the murder.


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