For years after Theresa died my mother would continue to buy her presents on her birthday. On a good day this would strike me as mildly eccentric, at other times it was downright creepy.

You first must realize that I wasn’t always this focused on the whole Theresa death thing. I probably went a good 20 years without ever thinking about it that much. Milestone dates would pass without notice – her birthday, the day she disappeared, the day she died. Over time I pretty much forgot when these things occured.

On Sunday I had a talk with my father. Before signing off he said, “now don’t forget about your sister’s birthday this week.” How very unlike him, he hasn’t mentioned her birthday in over 20 years… and as if I could forget about it anyway.

This year, I bought Theresa a gift. How very unlike me. And so I say…

Happy Birthday my old friend, may you continue to rest in peace.


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