Montreal hosts death penalty opponents

Catherine Deneuve speaks to reporters during a Thursday press conference in Montreal.

Globe and Mail

Montreal —

French actress Catherine Deneuve will march in the streets of Montreal on Saturday at a protest against capital punishment.

Did anyone bother to inform her that Canada doesn’t have a death penalty?

The Academy Award nominee said international pressure will help convince the remaining 66 countries that use the death penalty to abandon the practice.

“For me it’s something that revolts me as a human being,” she said Thursday at an international conference against the death penalty.

That’s great… very noble… may I ask, what they offer as an alternative to the death penalty? Because the present parole system isn’t working.

She was joined by human rights activists Bianca Jagger, U.S. actor Mike Farrell of MASH fame and former Irish president Mary Robinson, among others.

Cripes! Catherine Deneuve, Bianca Jagger and Mike Farrell from MASH… talk about yer power trios!

“It’s a sign of powerlessness that a person can think that the only way to punish someone for any crime is to take his life,” Ms. Deneuve said. The march comes at the end of the four-day conference against the death penalty. The 60-year-old actress narrated a documentary against executions several years ago and said she has given thousands of petitions against capital punishment to the United States embassy in Paris. It’s a cause she said she’s sure will earn her

critics, but added it’s a personal crusade.

Bite me.

“I don’t want to use my celebrity status, but coming here as a special guest is a possibility also to see people I might not meet personally in my work,” she added.

Get over yourself: the only thing any one remembers you for are those Este Lauder commercials.

Ms. Deneuve said she doubts anything will change U.S. President George W. Bush’s support of the death penalty. But she hopes public pressure will sway undecided Americans and others. “I’m am pessimistic by nature but optimistic about this cause. I see so many people here and elsewhere mobilized by this cause. It’s impossible that the nature of this won’t result in changes.

Ya, George “let’s put all the retards on death-row” Bush – I’m sure your opinion will have a big influence.


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