Against my better judgment, I have been forced to pollute this blog of sanctity with the following commercial announcement.

My wife has come across some scheme (scam?) whereby she can win a free iPod on the internet. NEVERMIND, the fact that she already owns an iPod, it’s the thought that she can obtain something for free that appeals to her.

Here’s the deal, if she gets five people to sign up for her through the following link:

Then a brand new pink iPod will suddenly fall in her lap. Those who go through this tedious process (It is tedious, I’ve been through it) can then in turn coerce five of their friends into getting them a free iPod. (a generation ago, wasn’t this known as a pyramid scheme? Before that, wasn’t it a Pozzi whatchamacallit?)

Anyway, because I’m a good husband, please help the dear gal out.

Caveat emptor.


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