September 27th, 2004

Mr. John Allore

Carrboro, NC

File of: Theresa Marie Allore

Date of Event: 1978-11-03


I aknowledge receipt of your September a6th 2004 e-mail.

No decision has been made yet. In this case, as I told you before, I need to wait for more complete information from the Surete du Quebec before making a decision.

I really do not know when I will be able to finalize the study of your claim.

Yours Truly,

Andre Beaulieu


Legal Department

Direction de l’IVAC



September 28th, 2004

M. Beaulieu:

I received your fax about my sister’s case (120-192-927). You say you are waiting for information from the Surete. This is a rather passive position. Can you contact them and get them to move forward please. When I last spoke with Norman Kelly of

the SQ he told me he had given you all the information you require, so obviously there are some communication problems here.

It is insufficient for you to tell me you cannot tell me when you can finalize my claim. I have been waiting since January 2004 (actually, I have been waiting longer than this: 26 years).

This is a cut and dried situation. She was murdered, she was burried. You asked for an estimate of the funeral expenses, I gave them to you. I am talking about $600 in compensation; a modest sum, this really should not tax the limits of your legal resources.

Please act on this matter with more urgency, you are truly testing my patience in this matter.


John Allore


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