Mouths of Babes

So my eldest went and told everyone in second grade about how she had an aunt Theresa who was out hichhiking one night and got murdered by a bad man with a knife.


Now admittedly this isn’t as bad as when Callie told the kindergarden class that there were UFOs that flew out of Jordan lake. Or about Catfish-Joe. You know, Catfish-Joe? – also, from Jordan Lake… he’s the hermit with the body of a man and the head of a fish.

Anyway, one of the second graders went home and told their mom, who just happens to be our neighbor. My wife says I’ve gotta make this right, which is problematic. We are already on thin-ice with our neighbors – we’re messy and we never go to church.

Now the question you should be asking yourself is, “how did a seven-year-old come to learn of the fate of aunt Theresa (and distort it).

Ya, that would be me. Don’t ask why I told her about it, I’m already hung-up enough about such a knuckle-headed error in judgement.


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