Tyranny, thy name is Krusty

So Alberta judge Terry Semenuk gave this kid, Christopher Geoghegan 30 days – thirty days – for pieing Alberta Primier, Ralph Klein at a Calgary Stampeders benefit in July. Klein was so shook up he filed a “victim impact statement”.

Ya, coconut-cream packs a woop-ass of trauma

“It seems that the accused is not prepared to acknowledge anyone’s freedom of expression, other than his own,” barked Semenuk, “He is prepared to resort to violence to accomplish his purposes.”


I just hope there can be a restorative end to this one. Maybe Klein can visit Geoghegan in prison over cherry cobbler, which is like pie. Corrections might offer a pedicure and some harp music. Over time, there is still hope that we may rehabilitate Geoghegan and reintegrate him into the folds of society. Once released, life on the street won’t be easy for Georghegan. The world will have changed after 30 days. His iPod will be obsolete. He’ll need to get accustomed to whole new cell phone technology. But still, given time, there’s a chance – just a chance – that Georghegan will make it, and who knows, maybe one day he’ll be exonerated for his past offences.


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