Chicken scratching for immortality

I have a bad cold and fever, so my thoughts have not been all that lucid this week. It would not have surprised me if I’d have arrived at work this morning with underwear on my head… I’m a little slow, a little uncalibrated.

Anyway… At the same time I’ve really been enjoying my daughters. Lately, they are all “in the zone” – they can do no wrong. Our house is really messy. I don’t mind that – there are little trails of them everywhere. We have piles of their art work. We keep everything. I have this drawing of two cherries that the middle-one did. I keep it pinned to my dashboard, I love it. (look it’s nothing special, alright… it’s two red dots connected with a green stem – humor me.).

When my wife and I were considering having a third child one of the things that put me over was the fact that, with three children, you lesson the brunt of the pain should something bad happen to one of them (if we were left with just one that would be sad, sad). Only after the baby was born did I realize that I had suddenly increased the odds that something tragic could happen.

Bub, bub, bub.


What’s working:

– Dan Zane’s version of Farewell To Nova Scotia

Rescue Me

– Anytime John Stewart refers to Robert Novak as a douchebag – that works.

– The sleeping pill my wife gave me last night was pretty good.

– Yesterday I saw a pretty picture of Mt. Orford with all the leaves turning.

– My Brother-in-law will always be cool

What’s note working:

– Phish > you know, they have some nice songs, but they also have some stinkers that call everything else into question.

– Fall > We don’t get turning leaves in N.C. – right now everything is drab-green, covered in three months of dirt and dust.

– Live Strong bands: they’ve jumped-the-shark

– Jump-the-shark: It jumped-the-shark

Jane Doe’s book > which I reluctantly had to admit to her that I haven’t cracked passed page 73.

– This whole advocacy-thingy; I may be in over my head.


Which brings us back to my bad cold and fever.

Hey Buddy, you got underpants on your head.


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