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Conference will feature two prominent victims

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MONTREAL – When the Association-quebecoise Plaidoyer-Victimes celebrates its twentieth anniversary next month, two prominent Quebec victims will hold center stage at the organization’s 4th symposium on victim issues. John Allore- the brother of Theresa Allore, who was murdered in Compton Quebec over 25 years ago – and Pierre Hugues Boisvenu – the father of Julie Boisvenu, murdered in Sherbrooke in 2002 – have been invited to participate in a special round-table discussion focusing on giving voice to victims experiences.

Mr. Allore and Mr. Boisvenu are no strangers to victim advocacy. In November 2003, both traveled to Ottawa to criticize the Canadian Justice Department’s National Victims Conference for failure to invite enough victims to the symposium. Since then both Mr. Allore and Mr. Boisvenu, along with other fellow victims from across Canada, have been working towards the creation of CAVA, the Canadian Association for Victims Assistance, a national organization that would give victims issues a focus and prominence in Canadian society. CAVA will have its first national conference in Vancouver this coming December.

The Plaidoyer-Victimes conference, Les Victimes D?Actes Criminels: Agir Dans Le Respect De La Personne will take place in Montreal on Wednesday, October 27 and Thursday, October 28th. Mr. Allore and Mr. Boisvenu will speak at a special round-table event on October 27th entitled, Les Proches Prennent La Parole. The session will be filmed for a later television broadcast, Allore and Boisvenu are the only two victims invited to participate.

The story of Theresa Allore drew national headlines in the summer of 2002 when herbrother, John Allore – along with National Post writer, Patricia Pearson – presented evidence to suggest that Theresa’s death was the result of a sexual assault and murder at the hands of a serial sexual predator, not a drug overdose as Quebec investigators originally speculated. The case of Julie Boisvenu – who was murdered in 2002 – goes to trial Montreal at the end of this month. Hugo Bernier stands acused of the crime.

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