So I got the skinny on the Andrew Dalzell investigation (what can I say? I’m connected). I’m sworn to secrecy, but how they caught this guy is not to be believed…

Some clarification… We no longer live in the creepy-house. We bought the Dalzell residence back in 2000 and sold it this past spring. Since there was never any proof that a dead body had been on the premises, we never had to disclose anything to the buyers.

And yes, it was very creepy living there. Much weird stuff. I will tell you one strange story. One night my wife and I were wakened at five in the morning by a pounding on our front door. When I got out of bed I could see the read lights of a squad car pulsing though our windows. A State Trooper was on our front porch saying, “this is the police… are you alright in there?”. When I opened the door he explained he was responding to 911 calls that had repeatedly been made from our telephone. It was just me, my wife and my daughters; no one in our house had used the phone.


True story… I have no explanation for it. But it scared the piss out of us.


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