Glad to see life in T.O. is turning into a Michael Mann thriller.. I’ll being staying in the States

Highway shooting kills man   

TORONTO — A blaze of gunfire on Highway 401 left a Toronto man dead in an apparent hit early yesterday, causing traffic chaos for most of the day. The victim’s car was riddled with bullet holes in the 3:30 a.m. attack. Shell casings lay scattered for hundreds of metres along the highway’s eastbound collector lanes near Islington Avenue.

As investigators gathered evidence at the scene and tried to make sense of the highway homicide, Toronto police indicated the murder was probably premeditated.

“I do not believe, at this time, that this is a random act of somebody driving down the highway, shooting at people inadvertently,” said Det. Ian Stratford. “It’s possible that somebody may have known this person and that’s what caused the shooting.”

Shemaul Andre Cunningham, 21, was shot as he drove along the highway, causing his car to go out of control and slam into the concrete guardrail, police said.

Emergency crews found Cunningham dead behind the wheel.


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