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Treating prisoners to spa day criminal, says Toronto police chief

Last Updated Sun, 05 Sep 2004 18:36:00 EDT

TORONTO – A Canadian criminal justice system that treats violent offenders to a day at the spa needs a major overhaul, says Toronto Police Chief Julian Fantino.

Fantino’s remarks are in response to an article published in Saturday’s National Post, which reports that on Aug. 21, female prisoners at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Ontario indulged in various spa services, free of charge.

The paper reported that the women received manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy and a harp serenade while enjoying tea on fine china.

Organized by the prison’s chaplain’s office, the day was intended to help the women reduce stress and boost their self-esteem, writes the Post.

Correctional Service of Canada conceded that the day took place, but denied that the women enjoyed the luxuries reported in the Post.

Regardless, Fantino demanded a stop to the practice. “As a society, how can we possibly convince victims and their families that we take their plight seriously when those who have committed truly wicked crimes are given rewards beyond the reach of many Canadians?”

“I am disappointed and concerned to learn that the Correctional Service of Canada has, once again, shown it is out of touch with what fair-minded people think is appropriate treatment for those convicted of society’s worst crimes,” Fantino added.

He’s requested a meeting with Anne McLellan, federal minister of public safety, to discuss this issue.

Police Association President Bob Baltin said he wants an inquiry into the entire corrections system.

Written by CBC News Online staff


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