Yup, time to run the “Spa-Day” story next to the one about Corrections overhaul… And make no mistake, the Americans are laughing at us.

Chicago Sun Times

Female inmates get spa treatment in Canadian prison

September 6, 2004


KITCHENER, Ontario — Inmates at a Canadian prison for women were treated to a luxurious spa day, including pedicures, aromatherapy and afternoon tea on fine china while being serenaded by a classical harpist.

Among those pampered were Marcia Dooley, who tortured and murdered her 7-year-old stepson in one of Canada’s most horrifying child abuse cases, and Mary Taylor, convicted in 2000 of fatally stabbing an undercover Toronto police detective.

The “Women’s Spa Day” was held Aug. 21 at Grand Valley Institution for Women, a prison housing medium- and minimum-security inmates.

“It was available to anyone who wanted to sign up from among the inmates,” said a member of the Correctional Service of Canada staff at Grand Valley.

The treatment of criminals convicted of some of the most shocking and appalling crimes in Toronto in recent years outraged police officers.

“This is an absolute disgrace,” said Bruce Miller, with the Police Association of Ontario. “The police have lost confidence in our correctional system and the public has as well. The sad fact is that a lot of our federal prisoners are living a better lifestyle than a lot of Canadians.”

The prison system defended the activities as a way to teach inmates how to cope with stress. “Not in any way, shape or form was it a pampering day,” said Diane Russon a regional spokeswoman.”


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