Why – WHY? – am I up at four-in-the-freakin’-morning? I can’t sleep. I was fine until my cell phone rang THREE TIMES! last night around midnight. Then someone left a message that contained nothing but static I know one asshole who’s gonna get a call back this morning at six.

And I’m sorry for the crack yesterday about cops and donuts… it was too easy, I shouldn’t have went for it. Mostly, because my good friend and fellow advocate, Dawn Kelly is actually at the police chiefs conference trying to drum-up sponsorships for our new victims group – way to bite the hand that feeds. John.

Now my good friend, Eric Muller over at Is That Legal? is debating a right wing journalist, Michelle Malkin on the radio today. Malkin has written a book that claims the WWII American internment of the Japanese wasn’t all that bad after all.

Wrong answer, baby. Eric has a stick up his ass about the Japanese internment – he’s even written a book on the subject”, you don’t want to cross him on this issue.

We wish you luck, Eric.

Actually I saw Eric on Sunday at a brunch (that’s right, I’m old enough that I now attend brunches, sickening isn’t it?) Eric and I live in virtual reality. We TALK ENDLESSLY about getting together and jamming (he plays guitar, I play drums. Influences? When I’m around Eric – Fountains of Wayne, Squeeze, and The Little Hands of Concrete). We also TALK about how we’re going to mountain bike together.

so far, none of this has happened.

And it most likely never will happen. Why? ‘Cause I’m up at four-in-the-morning blogging.

The Olympics – not to rub rock-salt in a wound, but has Canada won anything? You know, in my day Canada was always the joke nation, we’d show up at these things, never win anything, but people like us, we were fun to party with. Now Australia has long surpassed us as the fun-lovin’ nation AND they have respect. Thirty-seven medals, folks. Fourth overall. Remember when Ben Johnson was going to redeem us? Then he fell from grace (boy, by today’s scandals Ben’s controversy looks mild, what-he-do? Take a few Tylanol?). Oh well, it’s never been the same since (ya, don’t give me that Donavan Bailey crap, no one ever liked him anyway).

You know, I once met this Canadian literary agent and I asked him what his biggest failure was. He said on the eve he was to publish what would have been the book to make his career – the Ben Johnson story (common, this is Canada, folks, 100 units and a feature in Toronto Life is considered a success), the doping scandal broke. He hasn’t been the same since.

Anyway look for heads to roll in the Canadian Olympic program. Vancouver is only six years away, but those are the Winter games… we should do okay there, right?

Now this is a quality in me that my wife loathes. Officially, I am an American citizen, but roll out the Olympic games and I become intensely patriotic to my former country. I’m like a reed in the wind… any port in a storm, I’ll come home.

I wish James Ellroy would release the final chapter after Cold Six Thousand. American Tabloid was great (could 6000 have been any terser? For 600 pages I felt completely constipated.)

More coffee? Probably not… I should wait a few hours. Uh-oh, the baby’s awake – hope I’m not asked to lend a hand. Maybe she’ll eat and go back to sleep. Shit, it’s almost six o’clock… Amelia will be up soon (early riser). Should I take her to The Misanthrope” this weekend? Probably not. She’s going to bug me about seeing the Bulls” – last fireworks of the Summer. Some fun, huh Bambie?.

You know, I think I AM going to have more coffee…


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