All those chiefs, All those donuts..

Ask an American what they find most impressive about Canada, and they are astounded – ASTOUNDED – by the number of donut shops per capita north of the 49th…

Now, in case you weren’t aware of it, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police is holding their annual conference all this week in Vancouver. What do police chiefs talk about when they convene? What are the issues that get their dander-up?

According to the Toronto Star, Canadian chiefs want revisions to the criminal code so that they can have broader access to emails to fight “hi-tech crime”

You know if this is the Chiefs’ major beef we’re in trouble.

I can think of about a half-dozen other concerns (oh say, better communication between police jurisdictions OR towards a seamless integration of police, justice, and social services), but cyber-crime?

The Conservatives tried to make this a big campaign issue back in June. The argument went something like this; if Michael Briere never had access to child pornography, then he never would have murdered Holly Jones. Child porn is to blame, so let’s propose banning its access on the internet (without providing a logical method for how this would be carried out that wouldn’t somehow inhibit the tranference of all kinds of other useful information).

Now it seems like the Police chiefs are taking up the rallying cry, which is understandable – this sort of issue plays well in the homes of god-fearing Canadians (who wouldn’t want to see and end to child porn?). Even Michael Briere admitted that child porn was what motivated him to kill Holly. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Give the police more authority and let’s ban this porn.

But should we really trust anything Michael Briere says? I’m sure he believes pornography is the answer to all his troubles, but somehow I think its a little more complicated than that. And you know what? So do the chiefs of police.

Canadian chiefs should stop grandstanding on this issue, it only makes them look desparate and ineffectual – just what we don’t want to see in our civil authority.


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