She Lives

On two occasions, I have had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with the author, James Ellroy. At one of these meetings we had a long conversation about the death of my sister, Theresa. Ellroy consoled me by relating the following:

“She lives, baby, she lives” (so very Ellroy)

“She Lives” subsequently became the moniker for all of his inscriptions for My Dark Places.

I have of late left Theresa in the background, but I think it time that I move her forward. It’s time to move from victims advocate back to victim and tell you a little about the girl that made me who I am.

Tonight I was out driving to pick up supplies for my daughter’s fourth birthday party (tomorrow). I was listening to Dave Mason. Now, I don’t recall Theresa ever listening to Dave Mason, but it has that distinctive 70s’ sound that I always imagine her enjoying (Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave: So seventies… the acoustic piano and drums, the banjo, that wah-wah (oh that sweet wah-wah!)) So it got me thinking of the music she most enjoyed.

So here for you are ten of Theresa’ s favorite 70s’ albums in no particular order:

  • Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks
  • Genesis Selling England By The Pound
  • George Harrison All Things Must Pass
  • Cat Stevens Teaser and the Fire Cat
  • David Bowie Ziggie Stardust
  • Spooky Tooth The Mirror
  • Al Stewart Year of the Cat
  • James Taylor Mud Slide Slim
  • Fleetwood Mac Rumours
  • David Bowie Station to Station

You know, after 25-years it’s still a pretty good list.

Groove to those sweet-70s’-sounds baby!


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