Globe’s Jan Wong doubts Toronto police have right suspect in Cecilia Zhang murder News Staff

A person claiming to be the woman who was briefly detained in connection with the murder of Cecilia Zhang says she doesn’t think Toronto police have the right person in custody.

Citing a translation of a statement released on a local Chinese website, The Toronto Sun reported Monday that the unidentified woman doesn’t believe Min Chen murdered Cecilia Zhang.

She calls the 21-year-old, “a very kind person,” and says she “would have never imagined that he would be responsible for this tragedy.”

Toronto and Peel Police arrested Chen last week, charging him with first-degree murder in the death of nine-year-old Cecilia Zhang.

Zhang disappeared from her Toronto bedroom last October. Her remains were found more than five months later, in a wooded area west of the city.

Globe and Mail reporter Jan Wong says the statement is just one more reason for her to doubt the case against Chen.

“You really don’t know who’s posting, but I don’t have any reason to believe it’s not the woman at this point,” Wong told CTV’s Canada AM on Monday.

The website was the same one the Zhang family used to issue statements to the Chinese community during the search for their daughter.

With the police offering no explanation of Chen’s possible motive for the murder, or their evidence in the case, Wong says she’s left questioning how the case adds up.

“Why him, they haven’t said at all. And yet they say they’ve interviewed 50,000 people. It doesn’t really add up at this point.”

“If you or I had done this, would you stick around? Would you renew your visa? Would you have moved 10 days ago into an apartment with two new roommates?”

In their announcement of his arrest, police offered few details of their case against Chen.

In the days since, the task force investigating Cecilia’s murder has said it still “doesn’t have a definitive motive.”

In a weekend interview with The Toronto Star, Chen’s mother, Wenyong Hu, accused police and the media of tainting the case against her son.

“I think it’s unfair now what they are doing in Toronto, because the legal process hasn’t begun,” she said. “They shouldn’t say my son was guilty. It’s unfair what the police said.”

Chen’s next court appearance is slated for August 19th.

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