Ok, ok… I’ve got a little more on my mind than the latest news headlines. I’m recovering from a one-week vacation in New York, plus a hockey game I played on friday with some guys from Penn State who KICKED OUR ASS.

The Julie Bureau case has me thinking, as does the arrest of a suspect in Cecilia Zhang’s death. It’s so fucked up.

Look, I told you about the Quebec victims conference in Montreal in October, but there’s something bigger. I’ve been working with a group called CAVA (Canadian Asociation for Vicitms Assistance). We are very new; we just got our non-profit status. CAVA is comprised of a who’s-who of Canadian victims – think of a prominent murder-case from the last ten years and we’ve got them as a member. Last week we received the go ahead from Justice Canada for funding for a National Victims Conference. that’s right, the JC is going to step aside and let someone else run a conference for victims and bankroll it.


The conference is set for the first week of December, 2004 in Vancouver – a long way for many people to travel, but we’ll make it work. Right now my priority is ensuring that Quebec has a seat at the table. If anyone would like further information on CAVA and the conference, please email me.

Roll on.


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