Incredible and Disturbing

Teen found three years after disappearance

Challenge ahead for teen re-united with family

MONTREAL – Canada’s Missing Children’s Network says it’s a great relief that Julie Bureau has been found safe and sound.The return of the child could just be the beginning of a lot of work for the Bureau family—Missing Children’s Network

The teenager disappeared three years ago while away at boarding school. There had been no trace of her until police found her on the weekend.

When Julie Bureau disappeared in September of 2001, nobody thought that she’d be away for so long.

The teen was away at boarding school in the town of Coaticook. She was last seen going for dinner with some friends at a McDonalds restaurant.

She was spotted this weekend in the town of Beauceville, Que.

Kathy Asimakopoulos of the Missing Children’s Network says most runaways just do not stay away this long.

“A lot of times they’ll call home, they’ll check in. If they don’t call the parents they’ll check in with their friends. It was different because she had not had that contact with her family,” Asimakopoulos says.

Pina Arcamone, the director-general of the Missing Children’s Network says 86 percent of runaways between 12 and 17 will come home after the first week.

Arcamone says they usually realize that their problems at home are not that bad once they’ve spent some time on the street.

In a case as peculiar as Bureau’s, it may take some time for the family to re-acquaint, Arcamone suspects.

“Sometimes the entire family needs to be referred for counselling so that they can learn to get re-acquainted, and this is the challenge now awaiting Julie’s family as well,” Arcamone says.

She says there are five teens in Quebec who have been missing for two and a half years. Arcamone says Julie’s return is giving hope to these parents and others whose children are missing.


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