Missing girl’s mom lashes out at cops

“It’s not constructive to try and have this contact and communication through the media.”

It’s too early for me to form an opinion of the Tamra Keepness investigation. Lorena Keepness’ frustration aside, you just hope the police are following up leads in some systematic fashion, but… I have my doubts.

AND in my experience, it’s always constructive to talk to the media – left to their own devices, the police will run ramshot over you.


Tue, July 13, 2004

Frustration mounts, search goes on

REGINA — A smaller, more weary group of searchers renewed their hunt for five-year-old Tamra Keepness yesterday, while the girl’s mother bitterly voiced her frustration with the pace of the week-old police investigation. Lorena Keepness fears her daughter was kidnapped and thinks Regina police are not following up on the information that the family has given to investigators.


“I believe somebody took her — someone has her somewhere,” Keepness said through a broken-out window of a sun room at the family’s ramshackle home in east-central Regina.

“They are telling me they are checking every lead possible, but I’ve told them a few things that I feel that they haven’t really fully looked into. There was someone that I suggested they speak to that they haven’t found yet and I saw that person earlier today.

“They should be checking people out more.”

Police continue to treat the situation as a missing person’s case and abduction has not been ruled out, but there is no doubt in Keepness’s mind about what happened to her daughter.

“Somebody knows something. She’s there,” Keepness said. “She’s there somewhere, and I pray to Jesus and God to bring her home and I believe he will.”

“Hang on, baby. We’ll find you. You’ll be home.”

Police spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich said she appreciates Keepness’s frustration but renewed the assertion that officers are doing everything they can.

“We will not stop looking until we find Tamra Keepness,” Popowich said.

“It’s not constructive to try and have this contact and communication through the media.”

Yesterday marked a week since Tamra was last seen.

Ground searches resumed in the afternoon after they were halted early Sunday evening to give the teams some “much-needed rest.”

Thirteen volunteer searchers and eight uniformed police officers were on the ground going through the numerous alleyways and garbage cans in a 12-block radius of the downtown.


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