Hello? FBI? Three women have disappeared in a 100 mile radius… Can we get some help up here in New England?

Ligia Rae Collins – Woman Missing Since July 5th

Maura Murray – “there is no evidence to link two women in New Hampshire and Vermont.”

Brianna Maitland- “This is pretty sloppy. For them to have told me they were treating this as a criminal investigation is a bunch of shit.”

You know, in the case of Maura Murray, the Police – under the direction of State police commander Lt. John Scarinza – have called Maura everything except the sad victim she most certainly is. Maura was “depressed”, she was “suicidal”, she had “problems at home”, she was a “runaway”, she was involved in the world of “illegal drugs”. Pathetic.

In a show of sad support, allow me to offer the family this comfort. 25-years ago the police blamed my sister for going awol. She was “depressed”, she went off to “find herself”, she was a “hitchhiker”, she was involved in the world of “illegal drugs”, She was “pregnant and ashamed”, “a runaway”, a “lesbian and ashamed”.

In actual fact, she turned out to be a murder victim. Her body was found five months later, less than a mile from where she lived.

Common, law enforcement, do your job and find Maura Murray.


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