Black Days

Yes, I’ve been quiet. What’s there to write about? This is all too depressing. A round-up of all that is crappy of late:

“Incurable psychopath” Martin Ferrier was back in jail last night having found no room at the inn. Oh great, corrections says his fulfilled his debt to society and put this aspiring serial killer back on the street. Now he’s our problem again. Does this make any sense to anyone?

– I was so busy on Monday nursing a 4th of July hangover that I missed the one year countdown to Karla’s release party. Defying logic, taste and any sense of justice, Corrections Canada is set to spring Homolka on July 5th, 2005 – the birthday of her second victim, Leslie Mahaffy.

Ontario’s sex-offender registry was shot down by Justice Gary Hearn… There goes any hope of a national sex-offender registry.

Dar Heatherington eats up valuable time and resources that could be dedicated to legitimate victims.

– Get ready for the Robert Pickton multi-million dollar civil suit. That’s right, Pickton is suing the police to the tune of millions of dollars for destroying his property. You heard it here first.

– Get ready for Picton to walk… In a matter of botched evidence handling, just because police found victims’ DNA at the Picton farm, doesn’t mean victims were killed there.


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