More songs from the past

I’ve been avoiding you lately. Chiefly because I’ve found a new toy. Over the weekend I bought a drum set (Ludwig, 5 piece, inky-black). This is my mid-life crisis. To re-discover past glory playing in a garage band. It’s frustrating… it’s been over 15 years since I played. I have to re-learn everything again. Frustrating, but totally engrossing, I’ve never felt happier. The neighbors are thrilled. To my children, I’m a hero.

My parents came back from an endless trip through Europe last night. Realize that touring through Europe is totally not-them; they’re more inclined to seclude themselves in the house and wait for death to come knocking. I hadn’t talked to them in months. They said they had a fantastic time; enough time away to even forget that they ever had children, which, in their case, is a good thing.

So we’re all trying to get away from things. Life is good, the kids are good, I’m enjoying my wife.

But these things come back to nag at you. This morning in bed my wife turned to me and said,

Was there ever a theory that your sister was murdered by a police officer?

Yes, I’ve heard that before, several people have suggested it. Why, did you have a dream?

Yeah, I saw her floating in this water with handcuffs on.


And off we go again…


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