Celine Lee


Police Victim Services B.C.

Training Symposium

Dear Celine:

I want you to know what a wonderful experience it was to present at, and observe

the Police Victims Services conference. I had such a fine time, and I thank you

for inviting me to participate.

The sessions I attended were wonderful, in particular Dr. Rick Snyder’s piece on Hope (and here I thought this guy was going to be a Tony Robbins huckster!), Katy Hutchison’s presentation (I had never had much faith in restorative justice, but after The Story of Bob, I’m beginning to see the sense in forgiveness), and the workshops by Tracey Thompson and Carolyn Sinclair. I’m sure there were others, but I couldn’t attend everything.

The people were wonderful; I gained more knowledge and insight just by talking with the participants.

And, my own presentation was a great time. I set a goal not to be weepy and judgemental, one I accomplished. It was important for me to make people laugh; which I did. The workshop was a very positive experience for me.

I left Vancouver with a better understanding of the need for victims, victim service providers, parole, law enforcement and corrections to work together – I am so greatful for that.

Again, thank you. I would come back any time.

John Allore

Chapel Hill, NC


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