I still got nothin’

I’ve been thinking about Darryl Gray and how he’s getting the rottenest kind of a deal. I’ve been thinking about the Toronto Police and how they’re probably getting exactly what they deserve, but it likely won’t change anything.

I’ve been thinking about the Calgary Flames (who knew?).

I think that the Eels’ Daisies of the Galaxy is a perfect song. I’m worried ’cause my seven-year-old daughter likes Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins – does this bode poorly for the future? I was thinking how John Duffy was right, Adrian Belew’s solo on The Great Curve is one of the greatest pieces of guitar work form the 1980s.

Then I was thinking about Patricia and how I hope she moves out of Toronto – which has become such a stink-hole – to the Gatineau. I was wondering why Alex emailed me that photo from when I was twenty only to remind me that I’m now so-forty. I was thinking of Kenton and how we’ve lost touch.

Then there’s dinner last night – tacos around the kitchen table, the first sit-down meal we’ve enjoyed since moving into the new house.

I was NOT thinking of the old house.

I was thinking about the vacation we’ve planned for July, and how we’ll get to see Dan Zanes play in Prospect Park – the first real vacation I’ve had in five years that wasn’t somehow tied to business or that other stuff.

I was thinking about how prices on a 30-year fixed have risen to 6%, and how I looked in four-weeks ago at 5 1/8, which makes me look like a genius, but I’m really just lucky – I’ve always been lucky.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode of Queer Eye and Showbiz Moms and Dads (that Nutter father is such an idiot). I’m wondering if Rocco will get to keep his restaurant. I’m amazed that American Idol has lost its luster without John Stevens and the pen salesman; when they were on there I couldn’t wait for them to be booted-off.

I’ve been thinking about all this shit to keep from thinking of you. I’ve been avoiding you – mostly because I have to go to Vancouver and speak of you and I don’t know what to say. This conference is “themed” around hope, but I don’t want to talk about hope. I’m leaning toward crotchety with lots of vitriol, what do you think?

To behave or not to behave…


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