Bye-Bye Bellemare

A fair analysis from Don Macpherson in the Gazette on the Marc Bellemare resignation:

Bellemare’s resignation will also hurt the cause of victims’ rights, by depriving it of its advocate at the cabinet table where the real decisions to make or change laws are made. He will enjoy more freedom on the outside, but less influence.

Translation: we’ve been reamed again! Macpherson notes,

As Denis Lessard of La Presse pointed out yesterday, by making sure to resign a couple of days before he had served a full year as a minister, the “man of principle” will be able to hire himself out immediately as a paid lobbyist, instead of having to wait two years.

I guess it’s always important to look out for number one.

Don’t look for much relief from interim replacement, Jacques Dupuis who is already stretched too thin multi-tasking as government house leader in the Assembly AND minister for the reform of democratic institutions –

Sure, I can work three jobs at once!

Dear Victims:

Get a number and take a seat; you’re gonna’ be here for a while.


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