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April 13, 2004

Indemnisation des victims d’actes criminals

Attn: Mireille Doucet

1199 rue de Bleury

Succursale Centre-ville

Montreal, Quebec

H3C 4E1

Ms. Doucet:

I am in receipt of your letter dated April 5, 2004 requesting additional information to complete the processing of my claim for victims compensation in the matter of the death of my sister, Theresa Allore who was murdered 25-years-ago in Compton, Quebec. It is appropriate that I respond to you today, as this is the 25th anniversary of the date that Theresa’s body was recovered from a Coaticook drainage ditch after having lain in the frozen snow and ice for over five months. Specifically you have asked for the original bill for funeral services.

Ms. Doucet, this murder occurred over twenty-five years ago, do you think it reasonable to assume that I would have in my possession the original invoice for funeral arrangements?

Still, allow me to challenge my memory and provide you with some details that may assist your attorney in completing my claim:

The coffin was white. She was buried in a plot in an upscale cemetery. There was a coffin liner and marker. My mother ordered a lot of flowers. Does this help?

I have also enclosed the following documents from my father’s notes concerning the funeral arrangements:

– A CPR train schedule detailing the route that the coffin would have traveled from Montreal to Ontario, where she was buried.

– The address of the Weaver Funeral Home where the coffin was held for viewing.

– A reference to $390.00 for the Mount Evergreen Cemetery – I imagine this would have been the cost to dig the hole and cover it up.

Anyway, adding up the costs and allowing a percentage for the time value of money, I have estimated the funeral expenses as follows:

Travel and lodging for family: $500.00

Transportation of corpse: $600.00

Funeral Service: $100.00

Coffin, Liner and Headstone: $3,000.00

Internment: $600.00

Total: funeral expenses: $4,800.00

Please make the cheque payable to Mrs. Robert and Marilyn Allore, Theresa’s mother and father; they’re the ones who have suffered. If you have any questions, or require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Allore

c.c. Marc Bellemare, Ministère de la Justice


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