Non Résolu Encore – Louise Camirand

Twenty-Seven years ago today the body of 20-year old Louise Camirand was found in a snow bank near Megog, Quebec. Camirand’s death remains unsolved. The following is how the newspapers reported her discovery 27 years ago:

Sherbrooke woman murdered near Magog

AUSTIN – Quebec Police Homicide officers are continuing their investigation in the murder of a 20-year-old Sherbrooke woman whose body was discovered on the McDonald Concession Road her at 10 a.m. Friday. Florent Henry and Robert Curtis, both of R.R. 2, Magog made the discovery when they were on their way to cut wood and saw the nude body of Louise Camirand of 30 Bryant St. partially covered with snow.

“They told us they travelled the same road on Wednesday when everything was normal.” Const. Andre Lessard, Cowansville QPF said. “When Const. Gary Budge and I arrived on the scene we were able to determine she was in her 20s and had a boot lace around her neck. She was frozen solid and there were no other external signs of violence. Her black slacks and blue suede jacket with grey fur trim were near her.”

Death was confirmed by Coroner Noel E. Monast and the body was taken to the Medical-Legal Institute, Montreal where an autopsy performed Saturday revealed the young woman had been sexually assaulted prior to being killed. The report also indicated she suffered internal lesions and fractures in the pelvic area and the latter might have been caused by kicking or having been hit by a blunt instrument.

It is understood Miss Camirand was to have been married in May.

Corporal Jacques Pothier is in charge of the investigation.


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