I am shocked – SHOCKED I tell you!

People, please let’s not act so shocked and surprised at U.C.L.A.’s Cadavers For Cash program… It’s America – at $100,000 a corpse, I’m amazed there’s not a commodities market for this sort of thing.

And on that note – the body of actor, Spalding Gray was recovered from New York’s East River. Gray was the monologuist who was once quoted as saying (I’m grossly paraphrasing) “It’s very hard for me not to share everything of my life with everybody”

Perhaps they should consider turning Spalding’s corpse over to U.C.L.A.


Finally, the news over U.C.L.A. got me thinking about that crematorium scandal in Georgia a few years back… remember that? Where they they just dumped about 300 bodies into a swamp? What ever happened with that? Could someone Google it for me? I’m too tired to look.


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