Finally – A Quebec Victims Association

Last week’s Sherbrooke Tribune reported that myself and Pierre Boisvenu are starting a club (Vers une association des victimes – it’s VERY exclusive; someone close to you has to have died to get in).

Ok, so I’ll fess up… I’ve been conspiring with Pierre and some of his friends – Marcel Bolduc and some guys who lost loved ones to the Hells Angels war; if it weren’t for the Angels victims, me, Pierre, and Marcel would call ourselves,

Fathers And Brothers Who Have Lost Family Due To Canada’s Insanely Inadequate Revolving-Door Parole System (FABCIRPS ???)…

But as we are joined by the others, we’ll probably call ourselves something like,

Disgruntled Association of Victims of Quebec who Intend to Kick Ass (DAVQIKA?)

So we’ll work on the name.

Seriously, it was Pierre’s idea to start an association of Quebec victims, that is run by victims and for the benefit of victims, and I am fully behind this idea.

You say, such an organization already exists in Quebec?

No, no, no my friend. Unless you’re referring to the anemic CAVAC (good luck getting them to return your call) or the technology-challenged IVAC (good luck finding a website). Did you hear that IVAC (whose role it is to compensate the families of victims of crime) managed to award Pierre Boisvenu the astronomical sum of $600 for his trouble in the death of his daughter, Julie?

Now I’m no funeral expert, but I did a little quick research over at; this LITERALLY wouldn’t pay the price tag on a cardboard coffin.


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