Stickin’ it to Le Man

What’s this? A Gazette reporter showing some teeth?

In Friday’s paper, Sid Banerjee states what we knew all along:

The Sherbrooke police force is a collection of bumbling thugs.

The “much maligned” (Sid’s words) detachment is in trouble again; this time for starting a brawl in a Montreal tavern at the completion of a hockey tournament which they organized.

Beating up juiced hockey fans: Classy.

Sid points out that this isn’t the force’s first pissing match; last fall, off duty officers got into a shoving match with some Hells Angels in a Sherbrooke bar:

Ok, that’s not so bad.

AND, five officers were suspended for rousting an old man in October 2002:

Beating up Grampa Simpson? That’s bad.

However – as expected – Sid didn’t go far enough in his assessment, so I will:

Recall that this is the same municipal force that almost blew the Julie Boisvenu murder investigation when they accidentally disclosed evidence against the accused, Hugo Bernier at a news conference following his arrest. As a result of this new example of police stupidity the magistrate assigned to the priliminary hearing of the case last week decided to move the trial from Sherbrooke to Montreal, so that Bernier would get a fair shake. This move had the unfortunate consequence of shifting the proceedings from the victims home turf to that of the accused and his lawyers. Now the Boisvenu family are faced with the economic hardship of having to commute to the trial, while the lawyers get to come home to their families and wide-screen tvs each day.

Thank you so very much, the Justice system of Canada – you really know how to rub salt in the wound of a grieving victim.

Or, in the words of Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, who always displays the appropriate level of sarcasm and decorum (can you believe it! Here is a father whose daughter was brutally murdered not two years ago, and he manages to play the game with grace and style!):

Is it not so that in our justice system, the accused has recourses to advantages

that would favor them, and that the deceased victims are ignored, even discriminated

against in the judicial process?

Well done, Pierre, better words were never spoken, and the criminal justice system in Canada needs to hear them about a billion times over.


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