The SQ – We’ll get to the friggin’ bottom of this

Calling out for justice, members of Montreal’s black community have asked for an independent agency to investigate the death of an N.D.G. man who died two weeks ago under police custody.

Rohan Wilson was a young black man with no history of medical problems and no criminal record. Police ruled that his death was of natural causes, but would not allow Wilson’s widow to view his body until three days after his death. Now MUC police say it could take anywhere from six months to a year for the family to receive autopsy results.

Say what? It’s not like they’re handling some prehistoric fossil or anything; have a look at the body and bury it already.

Stating she no longer has faith that the police can impartially handle the investigation, Wilson’s widow stated,

“If this is a natural death, then why is it so hard to get an explanation?… We don’t believe the police can investigate the police.”

Fortunately the Montreal Police have come up with a dandy solution to remove any indication of impropriety. Announcing they will now take themselves out of the process, the Montreal police force has now made the sensitivedecision to turn the investigation over to…

you guessed it,

The Surete Du Quebec!

Ya, I’m scratching my head too. Isn’t this like asking John Ashcroft to investigate allegations of civil rights abuse at Camp X-Ray?


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