CECILIA ZHANG – Are you as confused as I am?

Can someone tell me what-the-hell is up with the Cecilia Zhang investigation in Toronto? The nine-year-old was taken from her home in North York over four months ago and I still can’t figure out whether investigators are working on the assumption that she was kidnapped or that she is dead. I understand the issue of witholding investigation information is sacrosanct in Canada, but a few hints would be helpful to an increasingly jittery public.

Last week’s Toronto Star reported the revelation that Cecilia’s picture would now be posted in taxi cabs throughout the City. Forgive me, but isn’t this move about four months too late? And what are police looking for anyway? Evidence that she is alive and walking the streets of Toronto? That she was sold into slavery? Signs she was abducted and killed?

It seems not even the investigators are sure. Crime Stoppers Detective, Jeff Zammit stated in the Star, “It was coming up on the four-month anniversary last week and we want to get the message out that Cecilia is still out there…”

Yet in the same piece Zammit goes on to say,

“We don’t want people to forget just because it’s been more than four months… Crime Stoppers solved a case last summer in which a fellow was wanted for murder 18 years ago and a tip came in.”

Huh? Is she out there or is she dead?

Apparently Cecelia’s parents have reached the limits of their frustration with the police as well. In a demonstration of do-it-yourself justice, last week the Zhangs offered a deal to any possible abductors that would bypass a police investigation in exchange for the safe return of their daughter.

Dear Toronto Police: Did you ever get the feeling your being shut out?


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