Judge him according to your law

Oh boy. What to do with the case of Tomas Gallo, the 28 year old Houstonian sentenced to death for biting, raping and fatally beating his girlfriend’s daughter on her third birthday.

After reading this story it took me about a minute to drag my jaw off the floor. My 6-year-old daughter caught me drifting off into space,

“Daddy, what’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? Everything. This is a crime so grotesque it makes you laugh in disbelief. I was giggling with fear and revulsion. Then of course I immediately felt guilty for laughing.

You can’t win. This one’s beyond comprehension.

By the way, I wasn’t the only one laughing. Gallo laughed at the jury and the victim’s father as his sentence was read.

I could throw-up.

Oh it gets weirder. This is like bad vaudeville. Defence attorney, Gerald Bourque compared his client to Jesus Christ. Bourque exclaimed,

“Y’all made a mistake. I brought you the truth, and you ignored it,”

Gallo covered the three year old’s body with bruises and bite marks before raping and killing her at her while her mother was at work. He then cleaned up a blood-spattered bathroom, dressed her in clean clothes and called her mother to say the girl was not breathing.

Bourque’s truth?

He tried to argue that the girl’s mother was responsible for the crime.

Completing the biblical metaphor, Bourque stated,

“The blood is on my hands, too… and I can no more wash it off than Pontius Pilate.”

In light of Mel Gibson’s recent revisionist take on the Roman governor, perhaps Bourque was shooting for sympathy.



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